Niki and Gabi Take Miami TRAILER 2019

30. apr. 2019
718 093 Ogledi

Episode 1: Crying in the Club:
Episode 2: Creep on the beach
Here’s the trailer to our reality show with AwesomenessTV “Niki and Gabi take Miami” which is season 4 of our series “Niki and Gabi SpringBreak.” A lot has changed since the last season, friendship break ups, new friendships, new drama, new enemies, and we address it all. Look out for episode 1 premiering on the AwesomenessTV SLworlds channel on our birthday, May 5th! Lets see how this goes..
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If you see this, comment "Niki in the shower scene!" LOL
only those who watch up to that point will know what this means ;)
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We’re Niki and Gabi! We hope you enjoyed our trailer to our reality show with AwesomenessTV, Niki and a gabi take Miami, similar to niki and gabi spring break and summer break. We’re twin sisters who are different with opposite fashion and styles, but we come together to make videos like challenges, drive thru challenges, boyfriend swaps, pranks, twin swaps, shopping challenges 24 hour challenges, diy, style, beauty, lifestyle, life swaps, fashion, comedy, types of girls, music, and more!


    swetrnswetrnPred mesecem
  • sing it with me: I AINT GONNA SLEEP COS OF Y’ALL

    AmaniAmaniPred 7 meseci
  • i dont know what it is but they looked so fucking good n beautiful n aesthetic in this season i literally love them so much

    liz bocaliz bocaPred 7 meseci
  • Season 555555555555555555 SEASON 55555555555555555555555555555555555555555

    Elle BarrElle BarrPred 8 meseci

    Slime WorldSlime WorldPred 8 meseci
  • I’m waiting for the 2020 season anyone else?? just me? okay

    dont smile at medont smile at mePred 9 meseci
  • Love it

    Laken EllisLaken EllisPred 9 meseci
  • Niki and Gabi take bahamas is gon be my favorite, i know it.

    Kelly HosangKelly HosangPred 10 meseci
  • Niki in the shower scene! LOL so funny

    DaizyDaizyPred 10 meseci
  • Waow

    Nurani PublikNurani PublikPred letom

    Mika & Amber The KittensMika & Amber The KittensPred letom
  • I need another season BRUHH

    Samantha BatistilSamantha BatistilPred letom
  • People think Miami is so cool but it’s boring for me bc I live in Miami so like

    More with MyaMore with MyaPred letom
  • Ooooooooop----------------- perverts?

    robloxgirl350 so pooprobloxgirl350 so poopPred letom
  • Omg god damm i’m excidid❤️❤️💞💞💞

    Alicia’s Life xAlicia’s Life xPred letom
  • هلا

    Omar AlakabriOmar AlakabriPred letom
  • Gabi lks like ariana grande in d thumbnail

    Veeksha MVeeksha MPred letom
  • 1:33 wasn’t in the actual series

    Zoey ClarkeZoey ClarkePred letom
  • What is the songggg

    Gia CoffelGia CoffelPred letom
  • i fucking love dennis HAHAH but i hope gab is ok ;(

    abbi marieabbi mariePred letom
  • This is like a good version of Bad girls club

    Lifew kenzieLifew kenziePred letom
  • I’m very confused. Was the whole situation with Kenny ever explained? Because I didn’t see anything. Someone please PLEASE let me know

    Gigi MarieGigi MariePred letom
  • This is going to be my favorite episode ❤️😍

    Stephanie AdaezeStephanie AdaezePred letom
  • Tea👀

    Sem •Sem •Pred letom
  • Please make a season 5!!!

    Laney BissaillonLaney BissaillonPred letom
  • The DRAMA, the TEA, that’s what it is about

    prodbykimhprodbykimhPred letom

    Cheyenne 500Cheyenne 500Pred letom
  • Let’s be honest dennise or however u spell his name can’t replace Kenny

    Dianalys PazDianalys PazPred letom
  • Not everything is about gabi she is overdramatic

    Joslyn SepulvedaJoslyn SepulvedaPred letom
  • It ended sad

    George SebastianGeorge SebastianPred letom
  • Why do you even keep denis in the show,he ruins everythingggg

    Frida HasaFrida HasaPred letom
    • Disappointing tbh

      Emily DEmily DPred letom
    • Plot

      Emily DEmily DPred letom
  • Omg

    e we wPred letom
  • DANG,shit just got REAL😮😮😮😲😲😲I'm speechless😶

    Maria ThurmanMaria ThurmanPred letom
  • Do Season 4 please ❤️❤️❤️

    Alasia ChatmanAlasia ChatmanPred letom
  • Yo Dennis is a whole boy he can’t be talking bout anybody body gettin freaky in the bedroom because he got a boyfriend and basically he gay he so annoying

    brianna gilliardbrianna gilliardPred letom
  • When is episode 6 coming out

    Neve LittleNeve LittlePred letom
  • WE WANT EP 6!!

    KinaキナKinaキナPred letom
  • Is this finished already? O.o I finished the last one :(

    anime x dqysanime x dqysPred letom
  • This is drama they did 👎

    Khalid MashalKhalid MashalPred letom
  • This show is the Most Dramatic Drama Filled Bad girls Bad @$$ Boys show EVER!! But That’s why we Love it! ❤️

    CooperCooperPred letom

    CooperCooperPred letom
  • I'm still so confused is this fake or realty?

    Sequoia MelansonSequoia MelansonPred letom
    • @Cooper okay thank you so much 🥰 I was so confused 😅

      Sequoia MelansonSequoia MelansonPred letom
    • Sequoia Melanson non Scripted

      CooperCooperPred letom
  • Kardashians 2.0

    Phoebe JonesPhoebe JonesPred letom
  • why is niki brown wtf

    coney island queenconey island queenPred letom
  • How many episodes of season 4 are there going to be if anyone knows? :)

    Jammy BeanJammy BeanPred letom
    • @Cooper cool

      Jammy BeanJammy BeanPred letom
    • 7-8

      CooperCooperPred letom
  • Niki in the shower scene!

    Brandi BlairBrandi BlairPred letom
  • 💚😍💚😍

    عباس العراقي 07809361615عباس العراقي 07809361615Pred letom
  • I need a new episode in my life! This is gonna be the best series yet! 🙋🏼‍♀️

    EmilyEmilyPred letom
  • I love Dennis he's hilarious

    Lacey MerrickLacey MerrickPred letom
  • Are more episodes gonna be released?

    Madi BelleMadi BellePred letom
  • Lorddddd ima be sipping a bucket of tea while watching this shit😭😩

    Jeremy PadillaJeremy PadillaPred letom
  • is this scripted or like a reality show type thing

    Sarah SSarah SPred letom
  • Niki and Gabi are so cool

    Chica MaiaChica MaiaPred letom
    • 😋😋

      Chica MaiaChica MaiaPred letom
  • I’ve never heard of this show till today lol

    Sun-E OfficialSun-E OfficialPred letom
  • Why does this feel like a Shane Dawson documentary?

    Ted Josiah ParagasTed Josiah ParagasPred letom
  • Uh ..The Walmart version of BadGirlsClub ? Lol :'D

    Have FaithHave FaithPred letom
  • Lol denis

    Blobweirdo 54Blobweirdo 54Pred letom
  • Lol This is alot of Drama it's like drama if you want it or if you don't you still got it

    Laura RolekLaura RolekPred letom
  • Where’s Kenny

    Coco ChanelCoco ChanelPred letom
    • Coco Chanel u don’t know . There not friends anymore if ur watching it then u should’ve heard them saying that Gabi went through a toxic relationship

      Aya AyyashAya AyyashPred letom
  • Dennis🤪

    Stacey EStacey EPred letom
  • Gab looks like moana

    Angel Claudine D. CastilloAngel Claudine D. CastilloPred letom
  • Omg 😱 DRAMAAAAA YASSS MY FAV but just so yall know NIKI is my fav I’m on her side all the time

    Sophie MillerSophie MillerPred letom
  • Omg the gabi leaves and Denis and Alex get into a fight. Not surprised, luv u guys

    Kalina TrifunovKalina TrifunovPred letom
  • 1:04 HAD ME DYING

  • ;-;

    emy remy rPred letom
  • can’t wait for the 4th episode

    blinkSTANblinkSTANPred letom
  • when is the next ep??

    Ava MathesonAva MathesonPred letom
  • when is the next ep??

    Ava MathesonAva MathesonPred letom
  • Reminds me of Bad Girls Club

    JordynJordynPred letom
  • *D* *R* *A* *M* *A*

    StarStarPred letom
  • Why is Dennis in this and not Kenny

    Kaylea BurchardtKaylea BurchardtPred letom
  • Fucking hate that dumbass denis guy

    Ballerz24Ballerz24Pred letom
  • I saw the other 3 seasons but this is going to a crazy season but my favorite

    Jara MillerJara MillerPred letom
  • *im looking around i see niki looking like a god damn ghost*😂😂

    memePred letom
  • Niki in the shower scene!..♤

    Hindubi ZubairHindubi ZubairPred letom
  • This how many people are watching now just for denis ⬇️

    temp7rarytemp7raryPred letom
  • i can see some physical fights in this season😂

    Gracie PattersonGracie PattersonPred letom
  • why is there mo more videos for niki and gabby take Miami

    Sarah LachanceSarah LachancePred letom
  • Dennis is a troll

    Faith NelsonFaith NelsonPred letom
  • What is that song

    Unknown WitchUnknown WitchPred letom
  • This season is going to be the most dramatic of all times and also the most teaaaaaaaaaaaa

    Florencólis MFlorencólis MPred letom
  • When is this coming out I literally can’t wait ‼️

    Wanted_ TyWanted_ TyPred letom
  • Luv it sm 😆😆

    Chloe EastChloe EastPred letom
  • where can i watch it? and is this season 1?

    Aimie HunterAimie HunterPred letom
  • Denis aNd Kenny are literally always the annoying ones

    I think the fuck not trick ass bitchI think the fuck not trick ass bitchPred letom
  • Iew Dennis

    Vanessa RussoVanessa RussoPred letom
  • What's the name and who sings this song?

    Melanie echeagarayMelanie echeagarayPred letom
  • Where’s ken!?!?

    cura sarinacura sarinaPred letom
  • drama squad

    ForeverxLauraForeverxLauraPred letom
  • This just seems so scripted a lot of these videos do. Trying to be like jersey shore or something just bad acting

    Lisa_Marie6Lisa_Marie6Pred letom
  • Ooooohhhhh dis season goin to be good 😮🤣

    Xx OoXx OoPred letom
  • Hate Gabi black hair

    Shelby ConnorsShelby ConnorsPred letom
  • Why did you guys bring Dennis he is so rude to you guys

    Maria ChaconMaria ChaconPred letom
  • This show is created by the Kardashians then they made one 😍

    Jaida’s Jenzie HeartJaida’s Jenzie HeartPred letom
  • Why is Kenny not on this season

    Ritchdoggo12 Billionairedog15Ritchdoggo12 Billionairedog15Pred letom
  • When’s ep2?

    Abbygail BrownAbbygail BrownPred letom
  • How long until number 2?????????

    ScarlettScarlettPred letom
  • I can’t believe Alex started screaming

    Brianna TorresBrianna TorresPred letom
  • when is Niki and Gabi take Miami coming out

    Danielle OmondiDanielle OmondiPred letom

    Brianna BelBrianna BelPred letom